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Meowdieval Mayhem is the final and last zone of the game, unlocked at 1500 Starpower.

Units unlocked here[]



As a battleground[]

Meowdieval Mayhem is a small, tight area with many obtrusions. The middle of the map is where most of the fighting will take place. There are 2 mountains close to the middle of the map, at the left and right sides of the field, next to the Extractors. Combined with the Extractors, the area behind the mountains can be a great spot for ranged units to take cover. There are also formations of gaps near the top and bottom Extractors.

SENSO-Gate and Extractor locations[]

The SENSO-Gates, like all other maps, are placed in the top-left and bottom-right corners. Each Extractor is located inwardly along the sides of the fighting zone, all on different sides.