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Prehistoric Peak is the second-to-last zone in the game, unlocking at 1200 Starpower.

Units unlocked here[]



As a battleground[]

Prehistoric Peak takes place in the middle of a volcano, uniquely shaped than other maps. Unlike other maps, which have diagonal symmetry, Prehistoric Peak has vertical symmetry. Dividing the top of the map are 4 mountains in a T-formation. There are 4 gaps on this map, two near each SENSO-Gate, and two lined across the middle. Most notably, units with a range of 4 can attack the enemy SENSO-Gate from the other side of the divide.

SENSO-Gate and Extractor locations[]

Each SENSO-Gate is located on the left and right side of the map, and the Extractors are placed towards the middle of the map, one close and the other one far.